An open energy system modelling platform

This is an open, transparent and integrated modelling platform for assessing low-carbon transition pathways that are in line with the European climate, economic and energy targets. The platform gathers a suite of state of-the-art models and data for covering the multiple dimensions of a clean energy transition. Models concentrating on different aspects of the energy transition are linked to each other to allow integrated analyses, moving beyond the one-dimensional analyses that the models offer separately.

Explore our scenarios

We modelled four scenarios to a low-carbon European energy system. Three of them comply with the 1.5°C global increase temperature limit, and one of them approaches 2°C. Explore the results to get insight about the ongoing transition.

Use our Open Platform

Our platform has the following features, which you can explore by clicking the various icons.

Open an linked models

A suite of open and linked state-of-the-art modelling tools. This includes macro-economic models, energy system models and power system models.

A common format

A common data format and nomenclature about various aspects of the European energy system and of its transition towards a low carbon future.


Modelling and sharing scenario results requires substantial data wrangling. Our tools are designed to help you with that.

Scenario Explorer

Not an energy modeller? We modelled four scenarios leading to a carbon-free European energy system, and the Scenario Explorer allows you to view the results.

Case studies

Case studies demonstrating practical uses for the platform.